When NiKnack Marketing is a part of your team, you will have access to custom marketing services to help grow your business. In addition, whether you’re building a brand from the ground up or looking to drive an existing brand to new heights, NiKnack Marketing can help you grow with services scaled to your unique needs today and expanding with you as you expand.

Every package includes:

  • Free consultation to determine your growth needs and aspirations
  • Marketing planning & strategy development
  • Dedicated Customer Manager partnering plan development, resourcing & creative execution


Marketing is an investment in growth. NiKnack Marketing will help you boost the ROI of your investment by becoming your dedicated marketing team. Your START package provides a polished, professional suite of marketing services aimed at helping you drive an effective brand and digital presence. Most noteworthy, it is the beginning of a journey to powerful brand recognition and impact. Let’s take that journey together.


You have a solid business infrastructure, customer base and reputation. Great! Let’s BUILD on those qualities to take it to the next level! It could be an innovative direct marketing campaign to penetrate a new market or geography. Or a new or expanded digital marketing strategy with more relevant web content to leverage SEO across multiple platforms. We’re on the right road. Let’s hit the accelerator!


Your company is a force to be reckoned with, but you know that there are a lot more opportunities to GROW. NiKnack Marketing strategists, creative talent and campaign professionals will help you make your aspirations a reality. Winning leads with smart media strategies, paid ads and thought leadership. Achieving more powerful SEO presence and relevant social media content and exposure. Buckle up!


You’re a key player in your business segment or industry. You’ve arrived, but you’re not about to stand still. You want to SCALE world-class strategies to aggressively grow your business in new directions. Strategies scaled to the size and complexity of your business. Your NiKnack Marketing team has done it for multi-billion-dollar businesses. And we are ready to do it for you.


At NiKnack Marketing, all of our packages and services are customizable. Please visit the HOW WE HELP page to see a list of all our services. Schedule your FREE CONSULTATION today and find out how NiKnack Marketing can help your business grow.